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Why is your Mortgage Protection Policy now Obsolete?

Think back to when you first bought or refinanced your home. I’m sure you requested information on Mortgage Life Insurance Protection to pay-off the Bank Loan protecting your Spouse or Loved-one from Financial Disaster if by chance you passed away.  Bottom-line, it was a smart and responsible decision leaving you comfortable and confident you don’t need to worry about this very important issue. 

Now what happens if you get seriously ill and can’t work? Are you going to be able to pay your mortgage? Is that Mortgage Protection Policy you purchased previously going to help you?  The answer is absolutely no!

What if I told you there is now a new breed of Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Policy which can replace that policy and pay you the Death Benefit if you become seriously ill and unable to work.  Yes, if you have been recently diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness and need that Death Benefit now, it’s available to you – all you need to do is ask!

These new policies and expanded coverage are available and can immediately replace any Obsolete Policy you may be paying now. Most interesting, you can get both the Death Benefit and the new coverage for the same monthly payment you’re making now.

The coverage contained in these new policies is referred to as “Living Benefits.” If you have been diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness, involved in a car accident or incident which precludes you from working or requires the need for daily or weekly professional assistance, the insurance carrier “will pay you” as much of the death benefit (up to 95%) you need to make your Mortgage payments, pay off the Bank, Medical Bills or any other expenses incurred during your illness.

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